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the book + best pancakes ever!

it’s here!! our book is finally here! actually, it’s been around since september 10th but we’ve been so busy with our book party and, honestly, just looking at it. it’s been such a whirlwind, we’ve signed so many books and received the most wonderful feedback and it’s only now starting to sink in that apparently we are actual, proper cookbook authors! which despite everything is still really hard for us to wrap our head around.

we are so excited to finally share it with you and hope you love it as much as we do. lots of lovely people have asked on instagram if it will be translated into english but we actually don’t know that yet, so we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for a little bit. until then here’s a little glimpse of the german version and one of our favourite recipes from it, our super duper fluffy pancakes that will brighten any sunday!


the book has six chapters - morocco, asia, lithuania, tuscany, home and pantry - containing over 100 recipes. most of the recipes are been family favourites and have stood the test of time, having been served up for years and years. they are inspired by our favourite countries and of course, our home. here’s an idea of what to expect:

pantry foods (granola, crispbread, stock, spices etc.)

dressings & dips

nutmilks & jams

soups & salads from all over the world

hearty pasta dishes

sides to go with almost anything

breakfast foods for every day

baked goods & treats



the book contains lots of basics like vegetable stock two ways, curry pastes, spice mixes, granola, jams - just great things to have at home at any given time. lots of summery salads and dishes with really fresh ingredients and then also very warming, hearty dishes for the colder months. and of course a whole lot of dessert and sweet treats like spiced brownies, affogato, apple crumble, pavlova and much much more.


super FLUFFY pancakes (makes around 20)

  • 2 medium to large eggs

  • 300g plain flour

  • 2 generous pinches of salt

  • 2 tbsp white sugar

  • 250ml milk of choice

  • 100g full fat yoghurt

  • 80g butter, melted

  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

  • 2-4 tbsp water

  • oil for the pan

add all ingredients (except the water) into a bowl and quickly mix together with a fork. it’s absolutely fine for the batter to be a little lumpy - don’t overmix, a too smooth batter is not your friend in this case. let rest for a couple minutes, then check the consistency and add a little water. the batter should be thick and not spread too much in the pan.

in a pan on medium high, heat the oil. once it’s hot, add a good tbsp of batter per pancake and cook for about a minute on each side. be sure to use a good coated pan for this as you want to be able to gently flip the pancakes without them sticking to the pan.

stack as high as you want and drown in maple syrup!


lots of love, kerstin & larissa

7 more ways to start the day - H.A.P.P.Y. challenge pt. II

it's week 2 of the alpro and sisterMAG H.A.P.P.Y. challenge! we hope some of you have joined us and downloaded one of the booklets to kick off the new year happier and healthier? and if you haven't - it's not too late to start now! every day is a great day for a fresh start or a little change, so what are you waiting for? you can read all about the program in our first post and start H.A.P.P.Y. right away. 

in our last post we shared seven ideas with you of how to start the day with a positive mindset, break routines and make change happen. today we'll share part II of seven ways to start the day for the second week of the H.A.P.P.Y. challenge. for the past week, we've really enjoyed sticking to the ideas ourselves and it's incredible how a little change of pace can affect your whole day - try it! we've also really enjoyed trying out the recipes from the booklet and have particularly fallen in love with the lentil bolognese and the healthy twist on a potato salad. also, the yummy green spread with yogurt, almonds and basil has been a great alternative to the classic avo on toast we usually have for breakfast.

the recipes are all beautifully photographed and so simple. they also come with their nutritional values, which - although we personally don't count calories - we know is very much appreciated by some. even if you don't plan on sticking to the meal plan strictly, we suggest taking a look into the booklet, if only for a little recipe inspiration.

as mentioned in our first post, the lovely amiena zylla created three amazing yoga programs for you to try at home, at work or wherever you want, really. we're often guilty of 'having no time for working out' when really we're just not willing to make time. the exercises are designed so that you can squeeze in a quick session anytime and anywhere. during the first week of the challenge we tried incorporating a short workout into our daily routine every day and amiena's videos really helped us stick to our goals. just taking the time to roll out the yoga mat for 20 minutes inbetween work is such a game changer and the perfect way to clear the head. the best thing is you don't even need a yoga mat - lots of the exercises you can do at your desk.

if you have trouble motivating yourself to work out, a little bribe can go a long way: treat yourself to something special afterwards, like your favorite snack or a soy vanilla chai!

we're so thrilled to have received amazing feedback from some of you guys who have tried out our seven ways to start a day and absolutely loved it. we hope you'll stick with us during the second week, too and enjoy it just as much!

day eight: take care that stack of paper work. we know, we know... mondays are hard to cope with anyway and this certainly doesn't make the whole ordeal any more tempting but: just think about how much future you will love present you for getting it over with! so whatever's been piling up on your desk and nagging at you for the past days, weeks or even months - do it today. answer those emails, pay those bills or sort out your drawers. 

day nine: have a dance party. on your own. turn up your favourite tunes and shake it all out hugh-grant-in-love-actually-style! if shaking your booty doesn't lift your spirits, we don't know what will. besides, you'll already get in your work out for the day without even realizing and isn't that just a huge plus? go crazy and dance like nobody's watching!

day ten: meditate. after such a wild start to the day yesterday, take a step back this morning and wind down. find a sunny spot in your house and really take the time to meditate and let your thoughts flow freely. if you haven't meditated before, there are plenty of tutorials online that can be of help. complete your slow morning with a hot cup of tea and re-charge.

day eleven: change something. this can be anything and it's completely up to you. how about moving some furniture around or redecorating a room in your house? even small changes to your living space like new flowers or rearranging your art can be a welcome breath of fresh air. or you could take the bike to work instead of the car, ditch your go-to pair of jeans for a dress, go for a different make-up look or try going au naturel if you usually don't or, or, or...what do you want to change?

day twelve: fridge clean-out. don't we all have those little jars, half-used cans and open tins of 'i-know-i-won't-use-you-up-but-am-too-lazy-to-get-rid-of-you-stuff' lingering in the very back of our fridge next to some sad forgotten veggies that have definitely seen better days? today is the day to finally say your goodbyes to them and while you're at it, take out all the drawers and give them a good spring-clean, too. make room for fresh groceries and reorganize so that you can see everything at a glance and nothing has to go to waste in future.

day thirteen: treat yo'self! it's the weekend and a treat is long overdue don't you think? what makes you happy? we'll probably head into town in search of a new favourite piece to wear this year, thinking a cozy knit or a new pair of jeans. or you could gather your besties and book a table at your favourite brunch spot, spend a day in the countryside or splurge on a mani-pedi and new hair-cut..

day fourteen: a letter to yourself. it's the end of your 14-day challenge and this morning, get comfortable, take pen and paper and write a letter to yourself. put your goals for the year into writing - at the end of the year, where do you want to be and what do you want to have achieved? is there anything that's currently bothering you and you want to change? what did you learn during the past two weeks and wish to maintain? keep the letter somewhere safe (where you'll be able to find it) and read only again at the end of the year. where you able to stick to your resolutions and goals? 

stay happy! love, kerstin & larissa

7 ways to start the day - H.A.P.P.Y. challenge with alpro and sisterMAG

last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to berlin by alpro and sisterMAG to attend the kick-off event of the H.A.P.P.Y. challenge that we're a part of. it was a super fun day filled with lots of food, lovely people, cool workshops and of course we got to learn all about alpro and the H.A.P.P.Y. programme. our personal highlights were the calligraphy course with jeannette mokosch, being sketched by the lovely emma and the uhmazing, completely vegan cake by i am delicious. 

scroll down to read all about the two-week program and how you can be a part of it, too.

H.A.P.P.Y. stands for Healthy & Adventurous Program for a Promising Year and is all about being happy, finding ways to challenge yourself and trying new things. if you're anything like us, most of your new years resolutions probably revolve around things like eating less junk and working out more but we rather quickly lose sight of those ambitious goals (presumably) set in a state of champagne induced euphoria. and why? because resolutions are often associated with negativity - we try to give up things we love and force ourselves into things we don't. enter H.A.P.P.Y.! the program is designed to help you start into the new year and a balanced lifestyle with lots of fun and positivity along the way. there are three booklets that you can download for free - young & wild, parents, and 40+ - to fit your lifestyle. they contain delicious recipes for a balanced diet, exercises you can easily integrate into your daily routine as well as lots of tips and inspiration for a truly H.A.P.P.Y. new year!

you'll find the recipes for this blueberry chia pudding and golden milk in the booklets - we've tried them both and they definitely have our stamp of approval. you'll also find a meal planner with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as fun snacks for throughout the day. munich based yoga instructor amiena zylla created a yoga program for each of the booklets - you can find the videos on youtube and try the exercises at home, so no more excuses! keep yourself motivated and change things up - start with half an hour of yoga first thing in the morning or wind down after work with a relaxing session.

to help you achieve a new you - or at least a better version of yourself - and to add our own little touch to the H.A.P.P.Y. challenge we've come up with 14 ways to start the day. a little task for every morning of the two-week program that will leave you feeling happy, free and with a positive mindset for the day. this week we're sharing the first 7 and we urge you to try it - it works for us and we're sure it'll work for you, too!

day 1: new years cleanse. we've found that what keeps us most from being productive and full of positive energy is an untidy space. it's hard to focus on the paperwork or a blog post when there's a messy pile of laundry sitting next to you or a layer of dust covering your floors. put on some music, clean the house and tidy up! clearing your space will clear your head and make space for positive thoughts.

day 2: body polish. now that you've treated your home to a polish yesterday, today is the day to give the same amount of attention and care to you and your body. take a bath or a long shower, use that intensive hair treatment that you're normally too lazy to use and give your body a good scrub. actually go through your complete skincare routine. treat your hands and feet to some extra care and maybe even a new coat of nail polish. ta da, you're already almost a new person!

day 3: set your goals. this morning, take some time to sit down and think about what you want to achieve this year. what are your goals? what do you want to change? do you have any travels to be planned? a mood board could help - collect snippets of things that inspire you and make a collage to keep you motivated. when formulating your goals be specific: what do you want, until when and how can you achieve it? try keeping things positive. for instance, instead of saying 'i will stop eating sweets' say 'i will have fun experimenting in the kitchen and make healthier versions of the things i love'. don't be afraid to set ambitious goals but stay realistic to avoid disappointment. defining small milestones is helpful to help you stay focused on the main goal.

day 4: expand your radius. today we urge you to explore a part of your town that you haven't gotten to know very well up until now. we're certainly guilty of hanging out and moving around the same spots all the time; we simply feel comfortable knowing our way around. but seeing the same surroundings day by day leaves little room for new thoughts and stimuli and it's easy to fall into a numbing routine. so, take a friend and drink your coffee on the other side of town for a change. wander the streets and see what other lovely sides your city has to offer. we're sure you'll come to see that the unfamiliar can add such a refreshing, unexpected twist to your day.

day 5: reconnect with someone. is there a person that you've been meaning to call for weeks or even months but somehow you never got around to actually following through? call them this morning! a thank-you note that just won't write itself and 'is too late for now anyway'? write it! better late than never and we're sure you'll make someone's day just by thinking of them. surely, just reading this, at least one person has come to your mind you'd like to reconnect with - now is the time.

day 6: a breakfast invitation. treat a special someone (or more) to a homemade breakfast at your place. set the table, get fresh bread and pastries from your favourite bakery or go the extra length and make them yourself (warm breakfast muffins straight from the oven anyone?). little chia pots are always a good idea or how about some fresh bircher? spend the morning chatting over freshly squeezed oj and hot chocolate and really indulge yourselves!

day 7: take time for yourself and practice yoga. this sunday, sleep in and have a long, lazy lie-in. read a book or the papers in bed over a cup of coffee and relax. or catch up on your instagram feed or roll around with your kids. it's up to you - it's you-time. stretch. then find a nice, quiet spot to roll out your yoga mat and do a couple of slow exercises (definitely watch amiena zylla's videos). focus on your breathing - take it all in, breath it all out.

we really hope you hop on board of the H.A.P.P.Y. program train with us - let us know in the comments what you think! and because everything is a lot more fun when done together, there is a facebook group that you can join, where everyone can share pictures, experiences, tips and tricks so definitely go check that out!

have a really happy day! kerstin & larissa


simple table decor for a moroccan inspired dinner party

last weekend i invited a bunch of friends over to celebrate my birthday (23, yay!). i went for a moroccan inspired theme - olives, flatbread, hummus, couscous salads, tajine and honey cheesecakes in little jars. to compliment the colourful food i opted for a simple table decor in natural tones. a thick linen table cloth to add some rustic texture, thrown together table ware and the typical moroccan glasses that add the slightest touch of blue. i added snowberry twigs that i arranged in little vases, vintage golden details and candles and lanterns in shades of grey. for the finishing touches i placed a fig on each of the plates which added a beautiful purple into the mix.

i was inspired by desert camp outs and to really achieve a moroccan look and feel, i rearranged our living and dining space. tossed out the chairs altogether and replaced them with a sea of pillows, leather pouffes and sheepskins. i lighted candles all over the room which created a beautiful warm atmosphere.

by the way, i can really recommend taking your dinner party to the floor. it loosens up the atmosphere right from the start and creates a super chill vibe. it's also a pretty easy way to impress your guests and offer them something different. try it out!