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from cape town with love

so kerstin just got back from yet another trip to cape town and we feel it's time to finally share some of the gorgeous snaps she took down there. we're also including some long time favourites and some new discoveries - so if you have a south africa trip planned, we suggest taking notes.

a new discovery but instant favourite was unframed ice cream artistry, a beautiful shop in gardens that makes artisan ice cream in small batches using only the very best, natural ingredients. they only ever have 10 flavours on display at any time which doesn't make deciding any easier, though. there are always three vegan flavours (mostly nut-based) and they have a whole array of superfoods and toppings to choose from. kerstin went for turmeric latte and coffee (both vegan) and both got a big stamp of approval. unframed has a beautiful instagram account and their whole aesthetics are just right up our alley - we highly recommend a quick stop for a scoop...or two...or three..

a stop that's always on kerstins cape town agenda is boulder's beach and it should definitely be on yours, too. don't expect a secluded beach all to yourself, though - it's highly popular...with the penguins. and they come in crowds. so pack a beach towel, sun screen, a good book and find yourself a comfy spot to watch in awe as they roam freely on the beach and rocks in between dips in the indian ocean. they might even stop by and say hi.

this little guy up here is a dassie, by the way. and you'll never guess who its closest relative is.

the elephant.

it's true, look it up. we're not even joking.

meet dominique with her horse sunshine and her dogs merlin and mila. she offers hacks along the seemingly endless noordhoek beach. just imagine the soft ocean breeze blowing through your hair and the sun kissing your skin as you ride through the gentle waves... if that sounds like somehing you would like to do during your trip, you can contact her here.

imhoff farm has been an absolute favourite with kerstin forever and shes still raves about it after every single trip. the farm has been around for centuries and is popular with locals and tourists alike, offering a wide range of activities to indulge in, lots of happy animals, stunning views and an organic farm shop. stopping by blue water café for a spot of breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner is an absolute must! find a table on the porch or lawn to enjoy the sweeping views of the farm, noordhoek beach and the atlantic ocean. the wine is great and so is the food - prepared freshly using only the best farm ingredients. they serve everything from salads over wood-fired pizza to ostrich meat.

another place to add to your list is the cape of good hope. if you drive up to the lighthouse, it's about a half to three quarters of an hour walk up to the cape from there. the walk is easy (but do wear sneakers!) and absolutely wonderful with stunning views of the atlantic throughout. you'll be treated to a beautiful white sandy beach with the most turquoise of waters. but just see for yourself..

here are some more things to do and eat (get out your note books, you'll want to be writing this down):

what to eat

  • kloof street house: delicious brasserie-style food and amazing cocktails in a spectacular garden setting (fairy lights included!)
  • ricks café américain: a wild mix of oriental foods and really good cocktails
  • dunes beach restaurant: beautifully located on hout bay beach and perfect for a sundowner
  • the test kitchen: located in the old biscuit mill and possibly the most hip location in cape town at the moment, serving exquisite culinary highlights - book well in advance (6 weeks!) to get a table
  • burrata: situated right next to the test kitchen in the old biscuit mill, this place serves some of the best italian food there is
  • v & a waterfront food market: lots of little stalls to cater for every taste, including lots of vegan options

what to do

  • hike up to the table mountain: this is an absolute must, so make sure to make time for this trip. it's a two to three hour hike that is pretty steep at times and recommended only for the fit
  • take a catamaran sailing trip at sunset from the waterfront: the most beautiful time of day to be on the water, you can find some offers here
  • visit the old biscuit mill: a little village in the heart of woodstock, home to day and night markets, dynamic office spaces, a range of workshops and designer stores, delicious farm stalls, decadent restaurants (such as the test kitchen and burrata) as well as an inspiring line-up of festivals and productions.
  • pay a visit to one of the many many vineyards: there are so many to choose from, it's hard to suggest just one. kerstin just visited klein constantia which is absolutely stunning
  • take a train ride to simon's town: admittedly, taking public transport isn't one hundred percent safe in cape town but the views along the way really make up for a little adrenaline rush
  • explore the clifton beaches: four beautiful secluded bays, each with their individual perks

xx k & l


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