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simple table decor for a moroccan inspired dinner party

last weekend i invited a bunch of friends over to celebrate my birthday (23, yay!). i went for a moroccan inspired theme - olives, flatbread, hummus, couscous salads, tajine and honey cheesecakes in little jars. to compliment the colourful food i opted for a simple table decor in natural tones. a thick linen table cloth to add some rustic texture, thrown together table ware and the typical moroccan glasses that add the slightest touch of blue. i added snowberry twigs that i arranged in little vases, vintage golden details and candles and lanterns in shades of grey. for the finishing touches i placed a fig on each of the plates which added a beautiful purple into the mix.

i was inspired by desert camp outs and to really achieve a moroccan look and feel, i rearranged our living and dining space. tossed out the chairs altogether and replaced them with a sea of pillows, leather pouffes and sheepskins. i lighted candles all over the room which created a beautiful warm atmosphere.

by the way, i can really recommend taking your dinner party to the floor. it loosens up the atmosphere right from the start and creates a super chill vibe. it's also a pretty easy way to impress your guests and offer them something different. try it out!