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a little town by the sea

nida. an idyllic little village on a peninsula that stretches along the baltic sea and belongs partly to lithuania and partly to russia. judging by the sound of that one might not expect it to be the little slice of heaven that it is. we first visited at recommendation of our nanny who is from lithuania. that was 10 years ago. now, three visits later, she is not our nanny anymore but nida still a family favourite. so this year we spent our fourth summer there and luckily, not all too much has changed. except maybe for the fact that we are all no longer young enough to eat our body weight in fried bread without rolling back home.

thatched cottages, endless beaches, the softest of sand, great dunes and amazing al fresco dining are only a few of the things we love so much about nida. we return home each night with sandy feet and salty sun kissed skin. 

and then there are the stunning pine tree woods to get lost in for hours at a time - their scent is so intense and gorgeous we can still recall the first time we ever smelled it as if it were yesterday. 

here's a list of our family favourites - things you absolutely must do should you ever go (which you totally should). 

eat. in vino for a fantastic al fresco dinner with the best rooftop views and tapas. bo house for a really stylish space, international cuisine and quite frankly the best caramel cheesecake i have ever eaten (and i've eaten a lot). also, you have to go for traditional lithuanian food at one of the tiny garden restaurants that are scattered throughout the village.

do. be lazy by the beach. go for a beach walk and search for amber (if you're lucky!). walk up the steps to the top of the great dune and watch the sunset. rent bikes and explore more of the peninsula. collect mushrooms in the woods. go sailing on the kursis - a really, really old traditional wooden fishing boat.

see. MOOSE!!! there are still about 30 of them on the peninsula and if you're really lucky and up early you may spot one in the woods. locals told us that they even come to the beach to drink at night. the thomas mann house - this is a must even if you're not into literature or history. besides all the interesting things you can learn inside the museum, the house has a terrace with a really beautiful view that is worth the visit (and the 2,50€ entrance fee). the fisherman museum where you can get a glimpse of how life used to be in nida years and years ago. the amber museum - for a euro or so you get to learn everything about amber and where it comes from. 

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