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in the cotswolds for scones and tea

this post comes a year or so late but we're so in love with the pictures, we just couldn't keep from sharing them with you. we spent the summer holidays in the cotswolds last year with lots of tea and scones and chickens and sheep (live ones!!). i think we can let the pictures speak for themselves when we say it has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

afternoons were mostly spent playing croquet on the lawn - the boys always won!

...or picking fresh flowers in the fields and saying hi to the sheep.

we also visited all the national trust houses and properties in the area. the national trust is a charity that restores and looks after english heritage all over the country. they own lots of manor houses, castles and gardens that are open to the public and allow you to experience english history. our favourites are charlecote park, hidcot manor garden and snowshill manor, just to name a few. we can absolutely recommend to get a touring pass for the whole family to enjoy free entry to all properties while you're there.

we never ever missed an opportunity to get our fix of scones - it became a daily staple almost. there are different opinions on how to eat your scone but we add clotted cream first (a lot!) and then a dollop of jam. mhhhh

in the cotswolds there are a gazillion quaint villages, each one more beautiful than the other with stunning limestone cottages, dainty tea rooms and manicured gardens. but bibury really took the cake for us. sadly, we're not the only ones who think so. arlington row (pictured above) is an insanely old little street of weavers cottages and one of the most photographed sites in the cotswolds as it's so incredibly picturesque. so come early if you can to avoid bus loads of tourists.

don't know about you, but looking at those pictures we just desperately want to go back. just imagine bundling up in one of those cottages by the open fire with a cup of tea while the leaves are falling outside.... 

K & L

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