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unterwegs zuhause

in the summer of 2017 the german publishing house graefe und unzer approached us to ask whether we'd like to write a cook book. although having played with the thought for quite a while, we were sceptical at first but upon meeting the publicist we quickly brushed our doubts aside and took on what has definitely been one of our most exciting, fun and exhausting projects yet.

our book is a collection of our favourite recipes - food we cook all the time and that makes us feel at home wherever we are. inspired by our travels and our roots. the book is split into five chapters: home, tuscany, morocco, lithuania and asia - countries that have shaped our way of cooking immensely and that we seek inspiration from constantly. it also features a big pantry section containing the staples you'll find in our pantry at all times. our recipes focus on whole foods and beautiful, seasonal ingredients but you'll also find rather naughty desserts and baked goods. rather than writing purely a cook book we wanted to create something that you'll draw inspiration from, that is beautiful to look at and encourages you to add a little extra love to everything you do. besides over 100 recipes you'll find pictures of our travels, local tips and anecdotes that we hope will make you see our favourite places the way we see them.

unterwegs zuhause will be released in september 2018 in germany and if you decide to buy it we would love it if you would do so via the autoren-buchhandlung in munich that is run by our dear friend Karin. it's so important to support the local shops in times of online-shopping. you can already preorder it now and pick it up or have it sent to your house as soon as it's out. we hope you love it as much as we loved making it!



we've been summering in tuscany for 23 years so the italian way of cooking has greatly shaped our way of cooking. everything is done with so much love and generosity, simple, no-fuss food with the focus on local, ripe ingredients. tomatoes that have ripened under the italian sun, plump peaches fresh from the orchards and a generous dash of olive oil is all we need here.



one of our greatest pleasures is wandering the moroccan spice markets and sticking our noses into the seemingly endless array of spice jars lined up in the hole in the wall shops, imagining recipes as we soak up the different smells, each unique in their own way. moroccan food is all about sharing for us - we love to prepare a big feast to share with friends and family.



this chapter features recipes inspired by the places we've called home over the years: germany, where we currently live, england, where we spent three years when the kids were little and austria, where we are renovating an old farmhouse and plan to settle in the future. you'll find hearty comfort food at its best, brilliant breakfasts and our favourite baked goods that we save for rainy days and afternoon tea - something we learnt to love back in england.



while we love hearty comfort food on rainy days, we just can't get enough of the lightness and the freshness of asian dishes. crisp cucumber salads, summer rolls and colourful curries make their way onto our plates all the time.



having had a lithuanian nanny for over five years has clearly taken its toll on us. all of a sudden we found ourselves spending the summers in nida, a beautiful peninsula lined with white beaches and loving blini and cold beetroot soup. while we don't love everything about the lithuanian cuisine there are a couple of recipes that we wouldn't want to miss for anything in the world.