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some of you might know me from instagram. i started cooking when i was little, inspired my grandmother, my mom and my dad who were all passionate about food. we were gifted with an abundance of veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers from my grannys enormous garden and always had fresh food on the table.
after finishing school i went to study fashion design in marseille in the south of france. down there i was introduced to the mediterranean cuisine by nicole and simone, the female members of the family i lived with. ever since, cooking and eating has had a major place in my life.
i have four children, work as a flight attendant for a german airline and write two food columns monthly. one for a womens, one for a meditation magazine.
what else... i love walking barefoot, collecting washed glass chards and wood on the beach, hiking in the mountains, swimming in cold water and having good times with family and friends.